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CANSPECT CORPORATION (CANSPECT) is an international, independent inspection company engaged in quality and quantity inspection services. We constitute a specialized group of senior engineers and inspectors who have extensive experience in inspection and quality assurance work.

CANSPECT's engineers and inspectors are qualified, current with the latest technology, and familiar with the most relevant standards, codes, and site practices. Our aim is to provide security and peace of mind by benchmarking every step of the operation from the initial manufacturing, or preparation, of the goods until they reach their final destination. 

CANSPECT is one of the world's leading independent inspection companies. CANSPECT's network of over 500 inspectors world-wide is available to our clients. CANSPECT has offices or representatives in over 60 countries.

Established in 1980 with its Head Office in Canada, CANSPECT constitutes a highly qualified group of engineers and inspectors in inspection and quality control services. CANSPECT personnel maintains current knowledge of the latest standards, methods and technologies. Our engineers and inspectors are trained in writing specifications, sealing samples, and carrying out inspection audits.

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         Head Office: +1 (613) 270-0003       Fax: +1 (613) 270-0031       info@canspect.com
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